Certified Grilled Meat Restaurant in Albufeira

The Memórias restaurant, in Albufeira, presents a wide selection of duly certified charcoal-grilled meats, which include PDO Mirandese veal and international delicacies such as Black Angus from the USA, flank steak from Australia and 28-day aged beef fillet from Galicia.


In addition to these noble meats, our menu, designed by Chef José António Teresa, also features delicious lamb, chicken and pork dishes, served with succulent and varied dishes garnishes, such as mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, rice, fresh vegetables, salads and sautéed mushrooms.


Come and discover one of the best certified grilled meat restaurants in Albufeira and enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience, always accompanied by premium wines (more than 500 references available). Maximum quality and innovation at your table.


* We accept orders for chateaubriand and aged beef ribs

Food with signature of Paula Velho