Meat dishes

Meat with maximum quality seal

Premium National and International Meat Dishes

At the Memórias restaurant, all meat served, national and international, has quality certification, as this is the only way to guarantee tastier, more genuine and differentiated dishes.

It should be noted that the grills are always charcoal, as this method is, without a doubt, the best way to maintain their original characteristics in terms of final tasting.

Chicken breast
With mashed potatoes
Chicken kebab
With bacon and homemade chorizo
Grilled Black Pork Plumes
Rack of lamb
With fresh field herbs
Lamb Chops (Carré)
With mint and pepper sauce

Special dishes


Tomahawk marmoreado
900grs/1.100kg 2 Pax
Chateaubriand com molho Bearnês
2 Pax

Specialties 2 pax

Parrilha Mista
Bife do Lombo, Plumas de Porco preto, Costeletas de Borrego e Supremo de frango
Parrilha Memórias
Vazia Dinamarquesa, Lombo da Argentina, Vazia do Uruguai
Parrilha Premium
Entrecote Black Angus, Vazia Black Angus, Vazia Argentina

Novilho Angus Premium

Black Angus

Angus shovel seven steer
South American flank steak
Premium Angus Beef from South America
Grain Feed
(200 days)
Portuguese steak
(Premium USA Angus beef)
South American Angus Premium Entrecôte
(200 days)
Hamburguer black Angus
Black Angus

Meats from the World

Europe special marbled sirloin meat
Mixed kebab of noble meats
Portuguese style steak (sirloin)
Sirloin steak South America Grain Feed
Carnes do Mundo

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