Memórias – Our Restaurant

Traditional Portuguese food restaurant in the center of Albufeira

Signed by Chef José Alberto Teresa

Specialties: Seafood Cataplanas and Certified Grilled Meats

Memórias, founded in July 2017 in the center of Albufeira, is a traditional Portuguese food restaurant, whose cuisine is designed by the renowned Chef José Alberto Teresa, who strives to present tasty and original delicacies, always made with high quality products.


This space, which combines tradition and modernity, both in terms of meals and in terms of decoration itself, specializes in seafood cataplanas</ a> fresh and meats certified noble, national and international, charcoal grilled, as is the case of Mirandesa veal and Black Angus from the USA.

Furthermore, our menu also includes a wide list of succulents fish from the sea, from delicious dishes vegetarian, from tapas assorted (great cheeses, sausages and hams), from desserts irresistible, also accepting orders of chateaubrind, aged beef chop, rice of seafood and salted fish.


To accompany all this offer, we have one of the best wine cellar in the Algarve and the country, with more than 500 wine references, which They include national and international labels as diverse as Petrus, Barca Velha, Blog 13, Villa Oliveira and Quinta do Vale Meão.

And because Memories are also created because of environments (re)created around good dishes and generous glasses, our calendar</a > includes Fado at Memórias on Fridays from 6pm to midnight.


Visit our restaurant and enjoy, in the company of friends and family, a unique and memorable gastronomic and cultural experience that you will undoubtedly want to repeat. Authenticity, innovation and prestige always at your disposal.


Simply amazing. From the decoration, to the food, to the staff service in general and everyone’s friendliness.
Everything is done with great detail and high quality.
It was a pleasure to visit the space.

David Carmo