Starters and Soups

Perfect traditional appetizers

Appetizing Starters and Soups

Before enjoying the main course, choose some of our delicious starters that integrate exquisite combinations of traditional flavors of Portuguese cuisine. To complement this, homemade soup is always an excellent option.


Bread sieve, Chef's suggestion
Entradas e Sopas Apetitosas


Ham board with traditional sausages
Regional cheese board with dried fruits and jam
Wild mushrooms Bulhão Pato style
Razor and shrimp croquettes
Shrimp fried with garlic
Octopus and sweet potato casserole
Clams in Bulhão Pato style
Fish ceviche of the day and fried corn
Fish cakes
Homemade fried calamari with Aiolli sauce


Vegetable cream
Algarvian fish soup

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